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Current issues facing the light vehicles sector (cars, SUV's, people movers and light commercial vehicles) are:

  • Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) - the need to provide a suitable regulatory framework to facilitate the early introduction of smart technologies to improve vehicle safety, improve the environmental efficiency of the fleet and improve productivity.  The two main areas of development relate to connected vehicles and the drive towards autonomous vehicles 
  • The ACC's development of a vehicle risk rating system which results in differential annual ACC vehicle levies based on a vehicle model's safety performance
  • Targeted review by MITO of the automotive engineering suite of qualifications
  • Advocating to Government on the need to undertake a complete review of how funding for the construction and maintenance of the NZ road network is structured. This is currently a combination of excise tax and road user charges.  Ultimately the MIA's view is this should morph into an electronic road user charge system for all vehicles. 
  • Review of NZ's fuel specifications
  • Transport, energy and climate change; the review of the emissions trading scheme and climate change CO2 reduction targets
  • Vehicle exhaust emissions Rules, the growing disparity of standards for old used imports compared to tougher standards for new vehicles
  • Introduction of a used import age restriction in addition to vehicle standards to address the alarming rate of older used vehicles being imported into New Zealand (New Zealand's average vehicle age is 14 years and getting older by the month)
  • Incentivising the uptake of plugin vehicles

Construction of ATVs, ROVs and UTVs fit for purpose and built to high standards is important for safe recreational and business/farming use. Not all vehicles are designed and built to appropriately safe standards.

As the franchised importers of new ATVs, ROVs and UTVs distributed in New Zealand, it is the intent of all Motor Industry Association members to ensure that the vehicles they distribute meet or exceed internationally recognised standards for design and safety. The Code of Practice below specifies these standards. Members have voluntarily restricted the importation of ATVs ROVs and UTVs to only those that meet the standards specified in this code of practice. 

Interest in the sales of hybrid, plugin hybrid electric and pure electric new vehicles is increasing.  From 2015 onwards, the MIA tracks new vehicles sales by month, year to date and year.  Click on the year you want in the table below and then the table for access to this data. 


The Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme (LAMS) identifies motorcycles that are considered suitable for riders on a Class 6 (motorcycle) learner or restricted licence. The scheme moved away from the previous regime of applying restrictions based on engine capacity alone to applying restrictions based on the overall performance capability of the motorcycle.

Motor Industry Association of New Zealand (Inc.) (MIA) member companies recognise the benefits of ensuring the integrity of defining and managing sales of new LAMS motorcycles.  This code is aimed at ensuring members of the Association provide detailed information to the NZTA on which of their models, as they are introduced to the market, complies with the LAMS requirements. 

The NZTA uses the information provided by distributors to ensure compliance is maintained and to keep up to date a comprehensive list of approved motorcycle models available in New Zealand on the their (NZTA) website.  

Sales of off-road vehicles are not required to be recorded on the motor vehicle register unless those vehicles will be used on public roads.  Accordingly, it is not possible to capture all sales of off road motorbikes, ATVs and SSVs (small utility vehicles).  The MIA records monthly sales of these vehicles from member companies and periodically a top five sales table is posted below.  Interpretation of this data should be undertaken with care, noting it is based on reported sales by participating distributors belonging to the Association.  

The attached tables show monthly registrations within year for on-road motorcycles above 50cc (scooters and motorbikes).  Tables show this data at a sub-model level by marque (brand).  

The attached tables show monthly registrations within year for on-road motorcycles below 50cc (generally known as mopeds).  Tables show this data by sub-model for each marque (brand).



BMW New Zealand Ltd


7 Pacific Rise
Pacific Business Centre
Mt Wellington


P O Box 9510


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Great Lake Motors


86 Miro Street


P O Box 202 118
Auckland 2246


Phone: 07 376 1510
Fax: 09 520 4815


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Penske Commercial Vehicles NZ


5 Aerovista Place

P O Box 97 941
Manukau City
Auckland 2241

Phone: 09 250 0910
Fax: 09 250 0053

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Hyundai Motors New Zealand Ltd


7 Clemow Drive
Mt Wellington


P O Box 6240
Wellesley Street


Phone: 09 573 2050
Freephone: 0800 HYUNDAI (498 6324) (Help Line)
Fax: 09 573 1446


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UD Truck Distributors (NZ) Ltd


7-9 Langley Street


P O Box 76 326
Manukau City
Auckland 2241


Phone: 09 250 1800
Fax: 09 250 1340


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Suzuki NZ Ltd

1 Heads Road

Private Bag 3008
Wanganui 4540

Phone: 06 349 1222
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MTD Trucks

29 Malden Street
Palmerston North

Private Bag 11 027
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Phone: 06 351 9867
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Holden NZ Ltd

2/118 Savill Drive
Mangere East

P O Box 11 195

Phone: 09 978 3600
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Mitsubishi Motors NZ Ltd

Todd Park Business Centre
Heriot Drive
Porirua City

Private Bag 50 914
Wellington 5240

Phone: 04 237 0109
Fax: 04 237 4495

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Ateco Group New Zealand Ltd

40 Paisley Place
Mt Wellington

P O Box 12 075
Penrose 1642

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Gough Group

Crn Ash and Kerrs Road

PO Box 98 975
Auckland 2104

Phone: 09 909 8319
Fax: 09 979 9339

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Sime Darby Automobiles NZ Ltd

32 Vestey Drive
Mt Wellington

P O Box 74 366
Market Road
Auckland 1543

Phone: 09 526 7010
Fax: 09 526 7020

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Hino Distributors Ltd


29 Malden Street
Palmerston North


Private Bag 11027
Palmerston North


Phone: 06 351 9839
Fax: 06 356 5586


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