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Takata Airbag Recall

Takata Corporation is an automotive parts company based in Japan. The company has production facilities on four continents, with its European headquarters located in Germany, where it also has nine production facilities.  

The worldwide recall, which involves a number of vehicle manufacturers in Japan, Europe and the USA, is the largest automobile recall in history and may affect over 100 million vehicles worldwide and possibly around 450,000 or more vehicles in New Zealand.

Due to the scale of the worldwide recall, supply of replacement airbag inflators is logistically challenging and will take time. Takata is supplying replacement parts to manufacturers in batches. This means that for those vehicles subject to a recall New Zealand distributors are supplied with replacement parts as they are produced.  This also determines parts for all affected vehicles are not available simultaneously. This is not under the motor vehicle distributor’s control, however it is deemed the most effective and efficient manner to expedite the global vehicle recall.

Consequently, New Zealand Distributors are responding to the recall as parts become available. Distributors are recalling vehicles that are New Zealand new and for used imported vehicles (even though under New Zealand law the importer of the used vehicle is required to manage the recall or ensure the recall is undertaken prior to importing the vehicle).

Below is some important information for potentially affected vehicle owners:

  • Your vehicle is safe to drive. There have been no known cases of faulty airbag inflators in the New Zealand markets.

  • However, because it is not possible to guarantee the safe operation of these inflators, manufacturers have decided to widen the recall to ensure all risk is removed.

  • One type of airbag inflator, known as the alpha type Takata airbag, carries a greater risk of failure compared to the other Takata airbag inflators.
  • Owners of affected vehicles can expect to receive a letter advising that their vehicle is subject to a recall. We advise owners to take their vehicle to a franchised dealer to have the airbag inflator replaced when the distributor advises you to do so. Failure to do so could compromise occupants in a vehicle if it is involved in an accident.

  • For recalls initiated by a New Zealand Distributor, the cost of the parts and labour is met by the Distributor. The only cost to you is your time to take your vehicle to a franchised dealer to have the work undertaken.

  • The MIA has two codes of practice covering the management of recalls for New Zealand New Vehicles and Used Imported Vehicles. These can be found on the Codes of Practice page of this website. 

  • For more information on all recalls see the following:

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